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What you need to know about Working Capital
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Need   working   capital   for   your   business   fast?   Our   small   business   loan   program   “Cash Flow   Express”   will   put   that   much   needed   working   capital   into   your   accounts   as   early   as this   afternoon.   Just   apply   with   3   month’s   most   recent   business   bank   statements   and   get approved today. Even Startups in business at least 4 months qualify for funding.  We work with all credit types and business sizes. Terms out to 72 mos
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Lighting Fast Business Loans
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Its easy for a business to wrap cash up in receivables, inventory, supplies, payroll, projects, equipment, taxes and other costs. No matter how profitable your business, your funds can get tied up and that can present some real challenges. Working capital is the funding your business requires for everyday expenses and is an important factor to keep your eye on.
A healthy business keeps at least 3 month’s gross revenue on deposit for working capital. If you’re not keeping at least that much cash on deposit talk to us about an easy way to improve the financial security of your business. Don’t wait until its too late.
Have   you   recently   taken   out   a   high   cost   Merchant   Cash   Advance?   Allow   us   to   buyout   that advance   and   replace   it   with   a   lower   cost   fixed   business   loan.   You’ll   get   to   enjoy   far   more flexible   repayment   options   and   greater   funding   limits   to   better   suit   the   needs   of   your business.   With   terms   out   to   72mos   reduce   your   monthly   payments   as   much   as   95%.   If   you have an MCA and could use some extra breathing room give us a call or apply today.
Escape your high-cost Merchant Cash Advance.
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